Babywearing is simply the act of “wearing” your baby versus carrying them in a car seat, pushing them in a stroller, or sitting them in a baby chair.  Babywearing provides babies with the human touch that they crave.  Babies “thrive on touch” according to Babywearing International.  Babywearing allows the baby to feel close to mum or dad, which provides comfort and allows the parents to do any number of activities with the baby.

Babywearing is near and dear to my heart, as I spent countless hours wearing my daughter.  As a baby with colic and a strong dislike for naps, babywearing was my go to method of calming her down and getting her to sleep.  It also gave me the ability to go shopping or do tasks around the house, as she wouldn’t tolerate being put down for even a few minutes before the crying would start.

Babywearing is easy to do and includes all sorts of different methods from slings, to wraps to structured carriers.  The most important thing for parents is to choose the appropriate carrier as well correctly place the infant/toddler/child in the carrier, which is dependent on the age and development of the child.

Please take a look at the information provided by Babywearing International to gain more information regarding what is appropriate for you and your child!


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