Dr. Newman is MOVING!!!

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to let everyone know about some big and exciting changes at my office.  As of November 1, 2014 I will be joining the amazing team at Russolo Therapy Centre.  The new location is very close to my current office, and is easy to find.

Russolo Therapy Centre is located at 375 St. Clair Street in Chatham, which is right next to the brand new Rexall pharmacy, at the corner of St. Clair Street and McNaughton Ave.

This move is a wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of health professionals in a large clinic setting.

All previously booked appointments will remain on the same dates and at the same times, but they will be at the new location after November 1.  My office phone number will also remain the same, 519-360-9276.  For those of you who are wondering, Heather is coming with me (yay!!!), so you will see her smiling face when you enter the new office.

All current and past patients are welcome to attend care at the new location, but if you should have any questions, please feel free to call the office.

We are looking forward to showing off our new office location at Russolo Therapy Centre!

Dr. Newman


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