Lack of sunshine during the winter can impact your bone health

We have been in the middle of many dark, gloomy winter days lately!  The lack of exposure to sunlight decreases the amount of vitamin D that we are absorbing from the sun.  Vitamin D plays a crucial role in keeping our bones strong and healthy.   When we decrease our time outdoors, as well as have an increase in the number of cloudy days, our bones can suffer.

The attached article gives examples of foods that are rich in Vitamin D, such as oily fish and eggs.  Other foods such as cereals, and dairy products are often fortified with vitamin D.  Another two foods that contain high levels of Vitamin D are pork and mushrooms.

If you are considering using a Vitamin D supplement, please schedule an appointment with me or another health care professional to discuss the appropriate daily dose for you.

Lastly, if there is a sunny day during these winter months, take advantage of it…get bundled up and go out for a nice walk!  The sunshine will increase your vitamin D intake, and the walking helps to keep your bones healthy as well!


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